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Alfred Housing Committee Inc. located at 23 North Main Street Suite 4 Wellsville, New York 14895 and is a private 501 (c) (3) non-for-profit corporation which was incorporated on April 17, 1980 and are governed by our Board of Directors. 

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Alfred Housing Committee, Inc. is the betterment of housing conditions for senior, disabled and low-income families; to provide safe, adequate and affordable housing through infrastructure development aimed at the remediation of health and safety concerns; to plan and promote economic development through job creation inspired by the expansion of existing businesses or the creation of new business enterprises and to preserve and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens in the communities of Alfred, Almond and Wellsville.

CC Sign.jpg
Carpentener Commons

200 Merriam Heights

Wellsville, NY 14895

GH Sign.jpg
Gardner Heights

152 Pine Street Wellsville, NY 14895

WW Sign.jpg
Wellsville Woods

100 Merriam Heights Wellsville, NY 14895

Highland Pointe

90 Howard Street Wellsville, NY 14895

23 North Apartments 

23 North Main St.

Wellsville, NY 14895

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